AerialA project of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Okanagan Centre (RASCOC) dedicated to the purpose of providing our regional community with a public astronomical observatory. Starting in the autumn of 2002, years of volunteer effort and public support allowed us to initiate our public program in September of 2008. We offer weekly Open Nights that provide educational multimedia presentations and RASCOC member volunteers act as night sky guides while operating the instruments of the observatory. Appreciating our astronomical heritage and our place in the Universe.

- Open for the 2017 season -

The Greatest Show on Earth and it's Absolutely Free!

The Okanagan Observatory hosts free public observing nights every Friday. The Okanagan Observatory is exactly 4 kms up Big White Rd from Hwy 33. That makes it only 35 kms from Rutland Rd. We will be pointing out the Milky Way and constellations with special astronomical laser pointers as we tour the night sky. Club members will have their telescopes on hand and be using the observatory 25 inch telescope to show off celestial wonders such as the Moon, planets, comets, dying stars, stellar nurseries, globular clusters, open clusters and galaxies.

A Go/No Go will be posted at 3pm on Friday on the 
Okanagan Observatory Event Phone, 250-300-8SKY (8759).


What's New

Interior Savings Funds Eyepiece

& Morningside Rotary Ride

Directed funding from the Interior Savings Credit Union has made the Okanagan Observatory one of very few facilities in North America to offer the inclusivity of direct visual observation of astronomical objects to persons in wheelchairs.

Free wheelchair accessible bus transportation is now available thanks to Morningside Rotary.
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BusTo ensure that we have trained volunteers on hand for your visit, or to book a special wheelchair event, please contact:

Sharon Carter Ph 250.860.5993
Dinner 2016

Upcoming Dinner and Guest!

OC RASC is proud to present Professor Physics and Astronomy Okanagan College, Richard Christie, as guest speaker for our 6th Annual Dinner Event. Richard will be speaking on Archaeoastronomy - A Personal Fascination. Richard is an entertaining and informative speaker and sure to enlighten the audience.

All proceeds will go toward the running of our Okanagan Observatory.

Date: Saturday June 10th, 2017

Time: Open: 5:00pm; Dinner: 6:30pm; Speaker: 8:00pm

Location: Kelowna Curling Club, 551 Recreation Ave, Kelowna, BC

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Okanagan College students take part in advancing the Okanagan Observatory facilities!
Contributions have been made towards development of infrastructure needed for public buildings and systems to promote radio astronomy assets.
Site Highlights
  • The Okanagan Observatory will resume free wheelchair accessible bus transportation ...
  • 2016 Dinner was a great success. Our 5th Annual Star Gala Night featured the speaker:
    DRAO Director, Sean Dougherty
  • Articulating Eyepiece for mobility challenged guests gets a test drive! See pictures.
  • Photo Gallery!
  • Location map to help you find our observatory!
  • Visit the events page for details on public nights and other information
  • Visit the
    RASCOC Website

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